My grandfather 'Pa' was born in rural Victoria in 1918, he was descended from well established families from Cheshire and Isle of Scilly, Cornwell who were first settlers in Australia. His father was a railway worker and it was expected he would follow in his footprints... but he had other plans much to the disappointment of his mother.... it was the 'city' for him!

He was a handsome strong man who left an impression on all who met him. 

A man who never judged anyone, who would treat all as an equal no matter what you owned, your beliefs or the colour of your skin.

His country upbringing taught him all manner of things.. natural remedies, how to grow or make anything out of nothing, how to survive with very little, how to really observe your surroundings... look down, look up and enjoy the journey...find beauty wherever you are. 

He was an animal whisperer...a teacher...a fixer....a collector.... a home brewer.... a baker....a joker.... a dreamer.... a teaser and my hero. 

He taught me things not known to kings, he fed my dreams and taught me it was ok to be different.... make a difference and leave the world a better place.

He was taken from us too soon over 30 years ago and i have tried to hang on to every memory and every lesson... 

I  continue to march to the beat of his drum..