As  New Years Eve passes I cannot help but think about the past year and all of its sad candles have constantly burned...

I personally have had to say goodbye to more people in my life than ever before....close friends, old friends, family and then those who were the soundtrack of my life.

A relative who I met 3 years ago for the first time was suddenly taken in January  marking the beginning of the year... many were old friends and workmates taken by cancer, heart attacks, accidents and sadly suicide... all still had so much more to give to this world.

A few hit me deeply..more deeply than anything has before.... close friends, dear friends who lost their battles.... a dear friend a single mum, with and 11 yr old daughter lost her battle with cancer mid year... this shattered me into tiny little pieces... then a few weeks after this I learnt of another old friend who lost her battle with depression, she committed suicide.... and then another old mate who did the same... he was late 50's and diagnosed with early onset dimentia... it was all too much for him to bare...I miss these beautiful souls terribly

Its a throw away line...'Life is short...make the most of it'... but this year more than ever I sit back and ponder this very thing...It is too short, we dont know what is around the corner... we must take control of our destiny and make the most of what we have and give back wherever possible.

I do believe 2017 will be a year of beginnings and great exciting things will open up to me and those around me... that we need to be open to change, to look for the opportunities and take a few risks..... reach out and grasp with both hands and your heart. Let go of 2016 and start fresh with a positive new 2017 and beyond!

Happy New Year to you all and may you be blessed with an exciting and wonderful 2017!